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Venus, The Path Of Beauty


This book sings the music of Venus! It is an astronomical text, which explores the beauty and celestial harmony present in our solar system.  It looks at Phi, the Golden Ratio, and the legendary meanings of Venus, and her dance in the heavens. Shall we try, just for a change, to believe in harmony, balance and beauty, as woven in the heavens around the Earth? This book is about astronomy, but in an experiential and mythic sense.


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Her Path of Beauty, woven by Venus around the Earth




Every eight years it weaves out this rose-pattern, this pentagram in the sky.


I guess the seed-beginning of this book came from my article ‘Venus, the Heart and the Rose,‘ way back in 1989 (January, the Astrological Association Jnl)
This is an astronomical text, which explores the beauty and harmony present in our solar system.  It looks at Phi, the Golden Ratio, and the legendary meanings of Venus.

The Planet Venus

The planet Venus especially expresses perfect harmony and beauty in its motion, more than any other planet.  We see these harmonies from the Earth. So this is an Earth-centred perspective.  We find an optimistic cosmology in which harmony and beauty are demonstrated by the planetary motions.

The Golden Ratio

This in turn connects with traditional meanings of the golden ratio as expressing beauty and harmony. We can learn to live with the marvelous eight-year pentacle cycle woven by Venus in the sky.  We learn about the Venus goddesses, Inanna, Ishtar and Aphrodite, in the context of Venus’s eight-year pentacle cycle.  Ten times, Venus appears and disappears from view in this eight-year penacle cycle.

Harmony And Proportion

Astronomers, the author argues, have lost sight of the ability to discern harmony and beauty in our solar system, which we also see in the movements of our moon and the planet Mercury, as well as Venus.  They are not “mere chance” orbits, as we have been taught. Rather, they express what Kepler called “the world harmony” in their motions and proportions.

The Path Of Beauty

If you are interested in how heavenly matters affect the world below, this book should encourage you to do further research, after having understood a lot more about the basics of astronomical patterns and the heavenly mysteries involved.  The path of beauty woven by Venus also forms a dance: by doing this, we experience the charming Venus retrograde loops woven around the earth.

The Greek Kosmos

Harmony and beauty are little mentioned these days by astronomers, who prefer chaos, black holes and distant galaxies.  However, without using a telescope, we can come to experience harmony in the heavens around us.  This what the Greeks called Kosmos, and that is the same word as used for the universe and for beauty as in ‘cosmetics’.

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