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The Gauquelin Effect, Reloaded


No-one seems to like this book. It’s my evaluation of how a French couple made what is IMO the most important astrological discovery ever. It concerns a fourfold structure of space. Every day the Sun, moon and planets go past the key positions of ascendent, midhaven (top of the sky), descendent and I.C. (i.e., directly underneath us).

The traditional ‘qualities’ of the planets are strongest at these four key positions. So, Jupiter is for example Jovial, expansive, merry. These are sought for as character-traits in biographies. Suppose we collect quite a number of biographies which give these traits. Then we plot the birthdata, of Jupiter in the twelve houses, for this group: what will it show?

Here is a plot of the frequency of the planet Jupiter, in a collection of five hundred birthcharts, featuring the traditionally-Jupiter traits of Jovial, proud, authoritative, a director, and energetic. We see a big peak, for example, just after Jupiter has risen above the horizon. The traits of Jupiter are all extravert.

The Gauquelins found the Moon especially strong in poets and imaginative writers. Let’s have a look at how ‘lunar’ traits appear:

Here is a plot of the frequency of the Moon in the twelve houses, for all of the birthcharts of the biographies collected by the Gauquelins, where they found these trait-words: dreamy, fantastical, imaginative, pure and tranquil. Again we see a huge difference for the four so-called ‘cadent’ houses, which make a dramatic square in the sky. Lunar traits tend to be introvert.

Buy it HERE, or the Kindle version HERE.

Here is an online article of mine on the subject. The pages ‘Re-evaluating the Gauquelin Effect’ were built up to help support this book.

There are probably too many tables of data in this book for which I should apologise. The legacy of the Gauquelins was so chaotic and error-prone that it needed quite a lot of checking through.

Astrologers are not going to be generally pleased with this book, it’s got far too much number-crunching, proof, logic etc. for their liking: they like stuff that is about symbolic meaning, and with stories about their clients etc. Scientists won’t like it because it’s about astrology. But that’s fine: if there are just a handful of people who appreciate it I’ll be content.

Like all the books on this New Alchemy Press site, it’s about the connection between Heaven and Earth. It’s about traditional archetypes, fate and destiny. It’s about the outrageous claim made by the Gauquelins that they had ‘proved’ something, in an area that, throughout history, had not appeared to be susceptible to proof.

Thus, Mars is martial, and Jupiter is jovial: it’s pretty simple really. But these influences manifest within a fourfold structure that had not hitherto been suspected.

This book actually makes all other books (and many articles) about the Gauquelins obsolete, because of the way it is able to discern the difference between what is and what is not. For example, the Gauquelins published four books on the subject of what they called ‘heredity,’ this being an alleged similarity between parent and child charts. I was able to show that this effect, alas, did not exist. This is actually the first book on the subject of the Gauquelin research, where the author has checked all of the data and claims by summoning it up onto a home computer program. That was hard work, but somebody had to do it.

“I would argue that the ground-breaking research of French statistician Michel Gauquelin provides us with compelling evidence for the existence of meaning in our world.”  – Ray Grasse, The Waking Dream, Unlocking the symbolic language of our lives, 1996, p.266

“For nearly forty years, contrary to what skeptics claimed, the Gauquelins had been right. They had found a replicable planetary connection that was also independently replicable by others.”    – Dean, Astrology Under Scrutiny, 2013, p.128.                                                                   

“The Gauquelins have no way of proving that they did not cheat.”   – George Abell, ‘The Mars Effect’, Psychology Today 16(7) 8-13.


  1. Helge Waaler says:

    Hello! I’m interested in buying this book. I tried the Amazon page, but it says that “this book is currently unavailable”. Is there any way this book can be purchased? (I also tried – no matches). Best regards, Helge Waaler, Oslo, Norway

  2. Atnis says:

    Hey! I’ve been long enough been interested in the Gauqlin effect and all this new astrology emerging. I was wondering where I can get this book, since I am strongly intrigued in the true relationship between the Heavens and Earth. Thank you in advance. 🙂

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